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Extracurricular Student Research: TDK (Scientific Students' Association)


         Students at the English Department are cordially invited to participate in the biannual conferences of our Scientific Students' Association with their talks and/or research papers on various topics in British literature, culture, art, and in linguistics, translation studies or methodology. The chosen topic may be related to their BA thesis or it may be the result of independent research (see details at OTDK). The submitted research papers (25-30 pages) and oral presentations (15-20 minutes) must be theoretically grounded and reflect the results of independent research. Students are encouraged to write their papers and/or give their presentations in English. They can ask any member of the faculty who specializes in their chosen topic to supervise their work. The supervisor will, upon request, assist students in the preparation of their paper or talk, by giving professional advice at individual consultations and by proofreading their papers.

         As of September 2008, Angelika Reichmann coordinates the programs related to extracurricular student research at the English Department. Should you have any questions pertaining to general (practical and administrative) issues of student research, feel free to contact her in her office hours or by e-mail.

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