Volume I (1996)

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Editorial Note


Geoff Barnbrook: From description to prescription and back again

Richard Cauldwell: Stress-timing: observations, beliefs, and evidence

George Cushing: Eger - British connections

Ramesh Krishnamurthy: Change and continuity at COBUILD (1986-1996)

Endre Abkarovits: The -ing form after finite verbs in the reference books of the nineties

Péter Antonyi: Phrasal verbs: an attempt at a syntactic account

Ágnes Deli: Meaning with lexical repetition

Éva Kovács: Complements vs. adjuncts in valency grammar

Péter Ortutay: How to evaluate translation?

Lajos Szôke: Aspects of liturgical languages in Europe

Tibor Tóth: Conrad's 'Secret Garden'

Albert Vermes: On the translation of proper names

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