Volume II (1998)

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Richard Cauldwell: Listening Comprehension: Three problems and three suggestions

Ramesh Krishnamurthy: Electronic resources for the teaching and learning of languages and linguistics: cornucopia or information overload?

Jan Smaczny: 'The stuff of life' – aspects of folksong in the fabric of art music in the British Isles

Endre Abkarovits: Teaching the Englishness of English Gothic cathedral architecture

Péter Antonyi: Phrasal verbs: a study and its implications for teaching methods

Ágnes Deli: Cognition and politeness

Edit Gaál: Dictionaries and methaphors: A consideration of the presentation of methaphoric usages in a selection of dictionaries

Éva Kovács: Identification of phrasal verbs in the literature

Károly Szokolay: The problems of translating poetry

Lajos Szőke: Anglica vetera in the Archdiocesian Library of Eger

Tibor Tóth: 'Too long a hand': John Fowles's 'Poor Koko'

Albert Vermes: Proper names in translation: a case study



Endre Abkarovits: Collins COBUILD Grammar Patterns. Volumes 1 and 2. HarperCollins Publishers, London, 1996, 1998.

Tibor Tóth: Patricia Waugh: Practising Postmodernism Reading Modernism. London: Edward Arnold, 1992.

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