Volume IV (2004)

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ISTVÁN D. RÁCZ: Memory, Writing, Politics: the Poetry of Peter Reading

PÉTER DOLMÁNYOS:Wordsworth and the Mountains: The Crossing of the Alps and the Ascent to Snowdon

TIBOR TÓTH: Beckett and the Poetics of the Absurd

ANGELIKA REICHMANN: Reading Wolf Solent Reading

ÉVA ANTAL: The Rhetoric and Ethics of Reading

MATTHEW PALMER: The English Cathedral: From Description to Analysis

ALBERT PÉTER VERMES: Culture in Translation: Strategies and Operations

ÁGNES DELI: Interpersonality and Textuality in Discourse

ÉVA KOVÁCS:The Diachronic Development of Phrasal Verbs in English

KARIN MACDONALD: Promoting a Particular View of Learner Autonomy Through an English Language Syllabus

KATALIN LAZAREVICS: Testing Written English through Pairwork


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