Volume V (2005)

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ÉVA KOVÁCS: Pondering over Over: A Semantic Analysis (pdf)

ALBERT PÉTER VERMES:How Does Shanghai Become London in Hungarian? A Case Study of Film Titles in Translation (pdf)

KARIN MACDONALD: Investigating Student Beliefs about Language Learning (pdf)

ADRIENN KÁROLY: The Importance of Raising Collocational Awareness in the Vocabulary Development of Intermediate Level Learners of English (pdf)

TIBOR TÓTH: Schopenhauer, Barthes and the Bird (pdf)

PÉTER DOLMÁNYOS: "Lie still, difficult old man" – John Montague's Father(-)land (pdf)

DAINA MINIOTAITE: Human Quest in Saul Bellow's Novels Henderson the Rain King and The Adventures of Augie March (pdf)

MATTHEW PALMER: Common Design Sources at Canterbury and Esztergom: A Case for Margaret Capet as Artistic Patron (pdf)

ENDRE ABKAROVITS: The Revival of Traditional Music and Dance in Ireland and Hungary (pdf)


Book Reviews
ÉVA KOVÁCS: Michael Rundell. Macmillan Phrasal Verbs Plus. Oxford: Bloombury Publishing Plc. 2005. (pdf)

ÉVA ANTAL: Miller's Aporia of Reading (pdf)


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