Volume VI (2006)

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ÉVA KOVÁCS: Putting English Verb + out Constructions into Perspective

ADRIENN KÁROLY: Exploring Teachers' Pedagogical Beliefs as a Way to Help Teachers Develop a Critical Reflective Attitude

ALBERT VERMES: On the Translation of Neologisms

PETRA ACZÉL: Winning with Words An Argumentative and Rhetoric Approach to Persuasion in Mass Communication

ENDRE ABKAROVITS: The Formation of Roman Catholic (Arch)Dioceses in Medieval England and Hungary

M. R. PALMER: György Kepes and Modernism: Towards a Course and Successful Visual Centre

PÉTER DOLMÁNYOS: "[T]he umpteenth city of confusion" – Representations of Dublin in Contemporary Irish Poetry

ANGELIKA REICHMANN: In Love with the Abject – John Cowper Powys's Weymouth Sands

ÉVA ANTAL: "(T)he (Devil) who dwells in flaming fire" – Blake's Apocalyptic Irony in The Marriage of Heaven and Hell


Book Reviews
ÉVA KOVÁCS: Ronald Carter & Michael McCarthy. Cambridge Grammar of English. A Comprehensive Guide. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2006.


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