Volume VII (2007)

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JÓZSEF N. SZABÓ: Hungarian-British Cultural and Scientific Relations after WWII (1945-1948)(pdf)

M. R. PALMER: International Gothic: Art and Culture in Medieval England and Hungary c. 1400(pdf)

ISTVÁN D. RÁCZ: History and Poetry: William Blake and The French Revolution(pdf)

ANGELIKA REICHMANN: A Russian Symbolist Novel in Translation: A Case Study of Andrey Bely's Серебряный голубь (pdf)

JAROSLAV KUŠNÍR: Identity, Post-Colonialism and Writing in Peter Carey's Novel My Life as a Fake (2003)(pdf)

PÉTER DOLMÁNYOS: Worlds Apart – Paul Durcan's Father-(Re)constructions(pdf)

ZSOLT GYŐRI: "Run Britain, Run" – Steps Toward the Stylistic History of Post-war British Cinema(pdf)

CSABA CZEGLÉDI: On the Structure of for-to and for-less Infinitives(pdf)

ÉVA KOVÁCS: Metaphors in English, German and Hungarian Business Discourse: A Contrastive Analysis(pdf)

ALBERT VERMES: The Problem of Cultural Context in Translation and Translator Education (pdf)


Book Reviews
ÉVA ANTAL: Once More on Irony – A Benefit Performance(pdf)

ÉVA KOVÁCS: Michael McCarthy & Felicity O'Dell: English Phrasal Verbs in Use Advanced. Cambridge University Press, 2007.(pdf)

TÍMEA FRIEDRICH: New Horizons in the Study of Language and Mind. By Noam Chomsky. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2000. Pp. xvii, 230. (pdf)


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