Volume XIII (2013)

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AGNIESZKA WAWRZYNIAK: The Symbolism of read and Its Shift into Epistemicity in the Anglo-Saxon Period (pdf)

ÉVA KOVÁCS: Some Notes on English as a Lingua Franca (pdf)

KATARINA LABUDOVA: Paradice Redesigned: Post-Apocalyptic Visions of Urban and Rural Spaces in Margaret Atwood's Maddaddam Trilogy (pdf)

RENÁTA ZSÁMBA: Evil Rides on the Bus - Space and Female Identities in Margery Allingham's and Josephine Tey's Crime Novels (pdf)

TAMÁS TUKACS: Jonah in the Whale: The Spatial Aspects of Nostalgia in James Hilton's Lost Horizon and George Orwell's Coming Up for Air (pdf)

TIBOR TÓTH: Difficulties with Pre-Post-Modern Stereotpyes and Tradition (pdf)

PÉTER DOLMÁNYOS: Reality and/or Imagination - Recent Australian Poetics (pdf)


Book Reviews

KAMILA VRÁNKOVÁ: Beyond Rhetoric: Rhetorical Figures of Reading By Éva Antal. Eger: Líceum Kiadó, 2009, 157 pp. (pdf)

KRISZTINA KALÓ: A Hungarian Best-Seller in English Translation (pdf)

ÉVA ANTAL: Dystopian Impulse in Social Criticism: Scruton's Optimistic Pessimism (Roger Scruton, The Uses of Pessimism and the Danger of False Hope , London: Atlantic Books, 210, 232 pp. (pdf)


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