Volume XIX (2019)

Utolsó módosítás: 2020. június 15.

Foreword (pdf)

Loretta Anna Jungbauer: Representation of Death in Christopher Marlowe's Tamburlaine the Great, Parts One and Two (pdf

Mátyás György Lajos: The Reader's Struggle: Intellectual War in The Four Zoas (pdf)

Regina Andók: "My Own Vampire": The Fate of Those Let Loose From the Grave (pdf

Anna Patricia Wynn: Motherhood, Sexuality, and the (Fe)Male Gaze in Angela Carter's The Bloody Chamber (pdf)

Daniella Krisztán: Cannibalism as a Metaphor of Consumerism in David Mitchell's Cloud Atlas (pdf)

Lilián Rácz: Writing as Remembering: Proust's Influence on Dorothy Richardson's Pilgrimage (pdf

Alice Sukdolová: Private Prison Cells: The Dynamics and Variety of Ian McEwan's Space Concepts of the Postmodern Gothic (pdf


Book Review 

Éva Antal: Transgression of the Sublime (pdf



A kötet teljes szövege (pdf

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