Volume XV (2015)

Utolsó módosítás: 2016. június 24.

ADRIENN KÁROLY: The Role of Translation and EU-Texts in the English BA Programme: Exploring Hungarian College Graduates' Work Experiences and Views (pdf)
TAMÁS FEKETE: The Relevance of Contextualization and Cognitive Understanding of Semantic Change (pdf)
AGNESZKA WAWRZYNIAK: Cognitive Metaphors of Anger and Madness in The Canterbury Tales (pdf)
TIBOR ŐRSI: Cow versus Beef: Terms Denoting Animals and Their Meat in English (pdf)
TAMÁS TUKACS: Authority and Authorship: The Writability of the Female Character in John Fowles' s Mantissa and The Collector (pdf)
ANGELIKA REICHMANN: Writing Crime to Seduce the Reader: A Dostoevskian "Philosophical Project" Through J. M. Coetzee's Eyes (pdf)
PÉTER DOLMÁNYOS: Anti-pastoral and Post-pastoral in Contemporary Irish Poetry (pdf)




ALIZ GENDUR: Woolf in the Thirties: (Re)interpretations. Séllei Nóra: A másik Woolf. Debrecen: Debrecen University Press, 2012 (pdf)


A kötet teljes szövege (pdf)

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