Volume XVI (2016)

Utolsó módosítás: 2017. július 09.

ÉVA ANTAL: Preface: Rhetoric of the Sublime  (pdf)

ZOLTÁN CORA: Alexander Pope and the Longinian Tradition of the Sublime (pdf)

ANTONELLA BRAIDA: Beyond the Picturesque and the Sublime: Mary Shelley's Approach to Nature in the Novels Frankenstein and Lodore (pdf

ALICE SUKDOLOVÁ: The Gothic, Romantic and Victorian Tradition with Respect to the Poetics of the Sublime: The Space of Transylvania and Victorian London in Bram Stoker's Dracula (pdf

CHRISTOPHE DEN TANDT: "Glittering Myriads of Men": H.G. Wells's Speculative Naturalism and the Late-Victorian Urban Sublime (pdf

KAMILA VRANKOVÁ: The Ethical Aspects of the Sublime in Modern English Fantasy (Rowling, Pullman, Higgins) (pdf

NATALIYA NOVIKOVA: "Decay Still Impregnate with Divinity": Les Lieux de Mémoire in Byron's Childe Harold's Pilgrimage (pdf

RENÁTA MAROSI: Meeting Mary - Meeting Your Self: The Functions of Dreams in the Mary Poppins Books (pdf



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